What does the Bible say about credit cards?


What the Bible said about credit cards, especially for the Christian? I cannot understand people using a credit card to give to the Lord. It brings many problems when you have no control over your spending. I cannot understand this. It is my belief that this is not God's will. Could using a credit card be a blessing from God? I do not believe it could be. I believe that God is our protection and confidence. I would very much like to study this subject from the Bible


Credit cards are a product of our modern technology. Therefore, if you looked for "credit card" in your Bible you will not find it; just as you won't find either "automobile" or "airplane" in the Bible. However, we can broaden your question a bit to a discussion of debt and we will find that God does have something to say about incurring debt. Credit cards are just a way of rapidly incurring debt for purchases.

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