What are the most asked questions by people?


I am doing a class about questions people might have. What are some of the most asked questions Christians and non-Christians have?

I tried thinking of the top ten questions, but I tried googling and found a lot of pointless stuff for questions, but I didn't think they would be in the top ten, besides women roles, homosexuality, and why does God allow evil? Those I have seen as top 10 but the rest were weird random ones on every website I went to.

If you can think of good questions?


I checked my site and in the last year, here are the top search questions that brought 2.5 million people to the site in the last year:

  1. Where is Edom today?
  2. What are some good scriptures to read for communion?
  3. What constitutes porneia?
  4. What is lust?
  5. How old is the world?
  6. Why were James and John called the "sons of thunder"?
  7. Is "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" scriptural?
  8. Why did God almost kill Moses in Exodus 4:24?
  9. Could I have gotten her pregnant? / Could I have gotten pregnant?
  10. What does it mean to honor your father and mother?
  11. Is suicide a sin?
  12. Did Jesus eat meat?
  13. What is the most accurate Bible translation?
  14. Is anal sex a sin?
  15. Why do the Catholics have extra books in their Bibles?
  16. Does God want us to hate the sin but not the sinner?
  17. Is the Bible historically accurate?
  18. Is witchcraft real?
  19. Do sins have consequences?
  20. Why do people have to die?
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