We keep falling into fornication


I have been having sleepless night concerning my state now. I feel ashamed after several times of disobedience by committing fornication. I really don't know what to do telling my pastor would worsen the whole issue. I have called off relationship because I don't want to give in to sex again.

I am restless as I never plan to find myself in such a situation and stopping it now is a big challenge. We plan on getting married, but there's no money as my dad has died.  My family wants to charge much for the dowry. I am a convert from a Muslim family and my mom's children are referred to as outside children because my dad was not from the same community with my mom.

Seriously sir, I have grown to love him. We are both near 30 years of age. Though we are both graduates, finding jobs is not easy in this country. I have talked to him several times but money is not available to meet our plan to get married.

Sir, please, I don't really know what to do right now as we keep making the same mistake even after prayers and promising not to do it again. I am a true Christian and a lover of God, but this is a serious threat to my salvation.


If you want to marry this man, both of you are of legal age to get married. You can get a civil marriage for little money in your country. I understand the desire to have a traditional marriage, but if your family is being unreasonable by setting too high of a dowry, then you do what is necessary to stay in obedience to God.

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