Thank you so much for your help and advice


Thank you so much for your help and advice.  I know I haven't met you in person, but I feel much trust in you for the help you've provided to me.  So much praise for your site.  With the Internet being the way it is, it's hard to find Christian answers online with all this denominational bologna. I know God will bless you in your work, and I will pray he blesses you all in La Vista. I would love to get to meet you in person.  But if we don't meet each other here, I hope I will get to see you over on the blissful shores of New Jerusalem. Please keep in touch, and a thousand times, "Thank You!"  If you've ever been able to help anybody (and obviously you've helped so many more), then you've helped me.  Keep up the amazing work, brother.


Thank you very much for your kind words. I do what I can and pray that God can use it for His glory. Write anytime you are able. I would like to continue to hear how you are doing.

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