Thank you for posting your sermons


Thank you for posting your sermons, such as When Good Men Do Nothing, in this way. Thank you for teaching clearly and simply. This issue is not just about what is happening in our country politically, it's how we turn away from the needs of our families, our kids lost in the Internet and worldly absorption, our elderly parents who are sick and need us to pay attention to them and care for them, sometimes financially when their resources or bad planning falter. It's in how we spend our money irresponsibly on our selfish wants rather than on the needs clearly set before us.

I can't send you anything but my prayers and praises for the work you are doing via this web site and how you minister to the needs of your community in Nebraska. I just wanted to say that your work made a difference in my life this morning over a very difficult issue facing my family regarding the care for my precious mother-in-law who is suffering the ravages of Alzheimer's in a publicly funded facility that can't meet her needs. To stand by and not do anything but accept minimum care is wrong. And I learned why this morning. I need to be brave and confront family a hundred times if necessary.

God be with you all in Nebraska. Be safe and keep blessing God with your work. The people of America need it. And above all please keep loving the lost and needy as Jesus taught us to do, as they grow in understanding, choosing the love of Christ to heal, which then reveals the why of Him and His ways. There are so many lost in need of understanding until they see the trap of sin they are caught in -- like I was.


I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Alzheimer's makes life difficult not only for the one suffering from it but equally hard for the family. I hope you'll find a better solution for her care in her last days.

It was very sweet of you to let me know we were able to help you out. I hope the web site will continue to benefit you.

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