Knowing God

by Terry Wane Benton

Just because one person does not know God, does not mean that nobody really knows God. The atheist and the skeptic do not know God, and they assume nobody can know God, but that is just their assumption based upon their own ignorance. Just because they don’t know God does not mean Moses and Jesus never knew God.

Jeremiah knew God and said God writes His laws in some people's hearts and they know God (Jer.31:31f). How can someone who doesn’t know God and doesn’t have His law written in their heart know that somebody else can’t know God? That is a ridiculous assertion! He can believe that nobody can know God, but his belief is not the same as fact. He can only speak for himself.

John the apostle presented experiential, eyewitness evidence that God came in Jesus and revealed Himself. A skeptic can doubt it all he wants, but he has not tested and refuted all the evidence John presented (John 20:30-31), much less all 66 books of testimony.

The skeptic can doubt and dismiss the evidence, but he cannot prove that nobody can or ever did know God. The evidence stands that many people have known God. Paul said that seekers can find Him (Acts 17:21f). Paul said the mind of God can be known because He revealed His mind (I Corinthians 2).

If people have known the mind of God, they have known God. Just because a skeptic doesn’t know God, does not mean he knows anything near what is known by those who have actually known God. His lack of knowledge and experience can never trump the knowledge, testimony, and experience of others. God has been known and can be known.

Are you open to seeking, groping, and finding Him?

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