It is encouraging to see a positive attitude toward the mentally ill


I cannot tell you just how encouraging it is to see Christians who have such a positive attitude toward the mentally ill. I am educated, have traveled, been a public speaker, and done all kinds of things, but I am mentally ill, too. It has kind of challenged my faith, but it is still there. Many of my "Christian" friends have kind of written me off since I became ill, but it is so uplifting to see someone who will show kindness to those of us who cannot help that we are sick. It is just like if we had diabetes or heart disease, it is an illness and you have to treat it. My diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder and major depression. I have the disorder, but it does not have me! I have to accept it, but I do not have to succumb to it. When I first became ill, I could not figure out why God let this happen to me. I thought that God was being very unfair to me and that I did not deserve this. However, even in this situation, I can count my blessings. I know I can help someone who has similar problems where others who have never experienced severe depression or other symptoms of mental illness may not understand. I hope that God really blesses your church and your ministry.


I'm glad you have found the information here useful and encouraging.

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