Is kissing wrong before marriage?



I just read your answer to a question about if handjobs or fingering were a sin. I liked how you explained it, but I got confused towards the end. You explained it with an analogy that you wouldn’t want another man fingering your wife. This made me wonder about kissing. Should we wait until we’re married, as I wouldn’t want another man kissing my wife?

Looking forward to your reply. I love your answers.



All kisses are not alike. I doubt you are going to be upset when your bride's dad gives her a kiss just before handing her to you. Your wife isn't going to be upset if Aunt Bertha gives you a peck on the cheek when she comes visiting. Depending on the culture, a kiss is a form of greeting. This is why we find "Greet one another with a holy kiss" (II Corinthians 13:12). If there are holy kisses, then it implies there are some forms of kissing that is unholy.

Touching the genitals of another person is generally considered to be a sexual act (we have to make allowance for medical practice and parents washing their children). To find out that your wife was allowing someone to touch her sexually would be rightly upsetting. And to find out your husband was involved in a deep passionate kiss with another woman would be equally upsetting.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with giving your girlfriend a quick hello or good-bye kiss, but deep passionate kisses that leave you sexually aroused and nearly out of your mind are at best dangerous waters for two people who are not married to each other.


Thank you that answered my questions perfectly.

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