I’m so grateful to find your article on premillennialism


I have accepted a challenge to spend two Sunday mornings (that's not much!) in surveying the basics of premillennial eschatology.  I am grateful to our faithful Jesus, the Lord of us both, that I finally, after so much searching, came across your church's web site and your article on premillennialism.

You're so right that it's difficult to nail it all down because premillennialists themselves are so divided with so many unstable and bizarre interpretations -- but you've done a fine job (saving me some work) in outlining the main tenets of dispensational (or historic) premillennialism and I plan to use your approach.

I'm not engaged in full-time work and am close to retiring.  I just felt indebted to you and the La Vista church for your web site. You sounded like a pretty dedicated group of Christians and I praise our Lord for you.  We're quite a traditional church where I worship, but we need to be more ignited and turned on for Christ.

Well, thanks again, my brother.


I am always happy to hear that the efforts here are helping others. I hope your lessons go well.

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