I hope you are all right!


Mr. Hamilton,

This is not a question, simply a note to say I was so happy to see your new posts under the Q&A today. Each day I go to La Vista's website to read your answers. Many of the topics I do not struggle with (although some relate!), but I am eager to be prepared for any soul that God puts in my path; to know how to respond to situations that are foreign to me, and not miss an opportunity to help someone. In addition to reading Scripture, it has been helpful to me in reading how you point even the most worldly people to God and the Gospel. I very much appreciate you.

When several days had gone by without you posting, I began to get concerned. I have been praying that you and your family are OK, even telling my husband of your "absence." He smiled and said, "did you ever think he may just be on vacation?" Very happy to see you posting again and assume all is well with you.

Also please know, I happened across your website back in December when searching for more information regarding the use of birth control among married Christian couples. I poured over the information you provided, never having heard much of the content from any doctor's office or birth control website. I called my doctor and had my IUD removed within a week. What a "light bulb" moment. I was shaken to the core at how ignorant I had been. The experience reminded me not to take anything at face value - go to the Scriptures and determine what God has to say (which I do with some topics that you post about as well)!

Thank you again for all you do to help so many. You are appreciated!


Thank you for your concern. I thought about mentioning that I was on vacation, but I figured that might just invite the wicked to rob my house while I was gone. We traveled to see my wife's mother and then I ran a camp for Christians who home school. I was out in the wilds of Tennessee (Pickett State Park) where there isn't even cell phone access for a whole week.

Most of today was just sorting through all the work I got behind on while being gone. But answers should be flowing again soon.

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