How does God heal people today?


How does God heal people now that the gifts of the Holy Spirit, including healing are no longer given to people? I believe that God heals us still because He has healed me, but it wasn't instant like when the apostles healed. We pray for God to heal the sick, but I wonder if we really believe that He will, or is it just wishful thinking? Can we say we believe He will and at the same time teach that the gifts of healing that the apostles did are no longer given? Just to be clear I believe that all healing is a gift from God. But sometimes we need more than the natural healing that everybody is born with. Why pray for something that you don't expect to happen, like healing someone who is dying? We are told that if you pray without believing that you shouldn't expect to receive anything. After seeing so many prayers go unanswered, I wonder if anyone really believes God will heal the people we pray for.


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I re-read your answer to my question about praying for healing without really believing that God would really heal the person. I have to admit, the answer you gave is exactly what I believe. Your scriptural references were very well thought out.

I was in an accident at work and I was caught in a conveyer that weighed hundreds of pounds. It caught my head, then my chest, then my stomach. My jaw was broken and one of the bones in my back was broken, but the real damage was to my stomach. I had holes in my intestines and my liver was lacerated. My doctor said that on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the worst you could live through I was more like a 6. I had been corresponding with many Christians around the world. But word got out about my accident and people started praying. I was close to death for weeks. But I finally woke up. I was confused at first and didn't know whether I would live or not. So I prayed, "Lord if you want me to die now that is fine but if you want me to live that is ok too as long as I am with you, it is ok. Your will be done." During the time I was recovering I had many chances to talk to people about my faith. And people from many different churches came and asked if they could pray for me. I always said yes. Because only Jesus knows who his followers are. It isn't my place to judge. I was in the hospital for one year altogether.

My wife was diagnosed with dementia a couple of years later. I took care of her until she died. I prayed for her but God didn't heal her. I have to admit that she died very peacefully in her sleep and I am grateful for that.

Now I am married to another woman with two children. I have the opportunity to influence their lives. One is autistic and can't talk so there are challenges, but I have the opportunity make a big difference in their lives. So I thank God for giving me more opportunities to be a blessing to other people.

I am writing this to let you know the reason for my faith that God still heals us. Not as a sign that someone is speaking with His authority, but the way He always has answered the prayers of His faithful servants. I pray He blesses you and keeps you close to His heart.

Thank you for your answer.

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