Don’t Blame the Monkeys!

by Jerry Blount

Don’t blame the apes when men act like animals!  For several generations now, our society has gone to great lengths to teach our children that they were born in the image of an ape, i.e. descended from an ape.  After indoctrinating folks carefully that they are animals, why are we surprised when those same people act like animals? Human beings were created in the image of God -- not second cousins to an ape!

Have you ever noticed that when people don’t know what they are speaking of they go to great lengths to make it all sound as if they do?  We weren’t there in the beginning.  God was!  He has described what happened.  Some folks are so set on hiding from the power and authority of God that they keep looking for any explanation.  They refuse to even consider the explanation that fits!

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

The theory of evolution is flawed in its fundamental assumption that life came from non-life without the help of God. There are four utter impossibilities that would have to be simultaneously hurdled from square one. Let’s consider them.

Evolution's Impossibilities

Can an accidental life form without intellect, will, perception of the environment, education, or instinct accomplish the following in one generation?

  1. Begin all the elements of life in one place at one time! Note: The imagery of death (animal or human). Do things just come to life?  Can they be revived once truly dead?  We have invented a lot of machinery trying to cheat death, but even with intelligent intervention, you will die. No one, but no one, on earth can keep your death from happening!
  2. Survive. How long would this accidental life form live? Seconds? Minutes? Years?Note: The combined efforts of the human race for many thousand years have not been able to eliminate death. How did survival just happen?
  3. Eat. What would a “new,” “accidental,” or “fragile” life form find to eat? Note: Remember this is an alien planet. Life has not existed. No organic remains to be eaten. This creature has not yet developed the ability to “know” it is hungry!
  4. Reproduce. An incredibly complicated procedure! Could you be taken blindfolded to an alien world with no history of life (nothing to eat) and reproduce? With all your intellect, education, your will to survive, knowledge of hunger, and will to reproduce intact could you reproduce yourself? Could you manage to live long enough to produce any kind of life, let alone reproduce your own “kind”? Note: We aren’t asking if you can go into a laboratory and produce an amoeba!  We are asking you to produce your own kind without help, in one generation!

"The heavens declare the glory of God!" (Psalm 19:1).

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