Did David have two sons named Solomon?


I'm now reading II Samuel and I am confused about David's children. In II Samuel 5:14, the passage reads that one of the names of the eleven children born in Jerusalem was Solomon. In II Samuel 12:24, the passage reads that Bathsheba gave birth to another Solomon. My question is which of these two children became the king of Israel? I would venture to guess it would be the child born to Bathsheba because in the following verse (II Samuel 12:25) God names Solomon Jedidiah because He loved him. Another reason I believe this is because Nathan was also born in Jerusalem back in II Samuel 5:14 along with the older Solomon.

If my guess is correct, why wasn't Solomon referred to as Jedidiah?


II Samuel 5:13-17 is a "flash forward." In the context written, David had just conquered Jerusalem, so none of the sons listed had been born yet. But the list is given to show that David made his home in Jerusalem for the rest of his life.

The Nathan who was the prophet is a different person from Nathan, the son of David. It appears that David admired the prophet Nathan enough that David goes on to name his own son after the prophet.

David named his son by Bathsheba, Solomon (II Samuel 12:24). God sends Nathan to David and gives the child another name, "Jedidiah," which means "beloved by the Lord." This has been done before. God named Abram, Abraham. He changes Jacob's name to Israel. Abraham fully embraced his new name. Jacob waffled between using Jacob and Israel during his life. Nothing indicates that Solomon was required to use the name God gave him, but it is sad that this special name is only mentioned here.

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