Your article contained the answers I was looking for



I am going through some trouble right now. I have been dating my girlfriend for a year now and have been trying to ease her into the church. She has not been grounded in any denominational doctrine, but she still has some trouble accepting the truth.

Recently, she had asked me to visit a congregation in her home town. Worried they did not teach the doctrine, I called the preacher to get an understanding on their beliefs. It was just as I thought. They twist the word.

I never claimed to be the best at knowing Scripture, but I know enough to point out the contradictions to those who pervert the Word. I have always felt confident, but when I called that preacher, I faced something I have never seen before. A person so well versed that he could make sense of any lie and make it sound like the truth.

I was at a loss. Never had I felt like a worker who is ashamed. We conversed on the subject of baptism. He was strongly against the need for water baptism as a part of salvation. Instead, he claimed a baptism of the Spirit is what gains you entrance into heaven. Again, I have never been in a situation where I could not explain water baptism. He was good.

As a novice, I would like to thank you. Never do I want that feeling of not knowing what to say. I must try harder. Here is why I am writing this message. I read an article on your website called "Cornelius Received the Holy Spirit". In it were answers to many questions I had in regard to spiritual baptism. So much valuable information.

I would like to thank whoever wrote that article and ask God to bless them.


You're welcome for the study. Don't let yourself be intimidated. When I realize that I don't have an answer, I get excited. It is an opportunity for me to learn something new that I had not thought about before. Usually, it doesn't take long, though sometimes I have to put some things on the back burner, and years later I'll find something that gives me the answer I was looking for.

If you have other questions, feel free to write.

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