What was the climate like in the time of Jesus?


I'm doing an assignment for religion and I need to find some information. What was the climate like in the time of Jesus? And what's some geography from the time of Jesus? Please, I need this help. It's due tomorrow!


The climate of Palestine was slightly different from what it currently is. It was a bit moister and there were more trees. But there are whole books written on what the area was like, the geography, the climate, and the culture. The reason you were given the assignment is to have a chance to look at those books, with all its pictures and appreciate the country in which Jesus walked. I'm not going to do the assignment for you.

I will recommend a few sites to explore:

Life in the Holy Land
Bible Places
Geography and the Bible

Otherwise, you need to visit your library and look for books that are titled something like "Manners and Customs of the Bible," "Daily Life in Jesus' Time," or "History and Geography of the Bible."

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