What If the Jews Had Accepted Jesus?

I.          Among premillennialists, those who believe that we live in an age prior to a thousand-year reign of Christ, there is a belief that Jesus’ first appearance on the earth did not accomplish everything that God intended.

             A.         The Jews believed that the Messiah would come to re-establish the throne of David in Israel. The disciples believed this as well. - Luke 19:11, Acts 1:6

             B.         Instead of an earthly kingdom, the Jews rejected Christ - John 1:11

             C.         So, they state that Jesus died, returned to heaven until the day that God decides the Jews will accept Jesus. He will then return to establish the kingdom at that time.

             D.         In the meantime, as a placeholder, God established the church to carry on the belief in God until Jesus’ return.

II.         I don’t think they understand what they are saying!

             A.         They are saying the mankind was able to thwart the will of God!

             B.         They are saying that the all-knowing God did not know how Jesus would be received!

             C.         They are saying that God made a mistake!

             D.         But my Bible says that God sent His Son at the perfect time - Gal 4:3-5

III.        Humor me for a few moments and let us suppose that the Jews were supposed to have accepted Jesus. What would have been the consequences of the Jews accepting the Christ?

             A.         There would have been no crucifixion. Without the Jews demanding the death of Jesus, Jesus would not have died.

                          1.          Jesus spent his life preparing for his death - John 12:23-33

                          2.          Paul said the word of the cross had the power to save - I Cor 1:18

                          3.          It was through the cross that the world was united in Christ - Eph 2:14-16

                          4.          Without the cross, the Old Law would have remained in effect - Col 2:14

             B.         There would have been no shedding of blood

                          1.          And without Jesus’ shed blood, there would have been no removal of sin - Heb. 9:22

                          2.          The blood of animals, done under the Old Law, was unable to remove sin - Heb. 10:4

                          3.          The New Covenant could not have been established - Matt 26:28

                          4.          Brethren, if the Jews had accepted Jesus, we would still be dead in our sins!

             C.         The church would not have been established

                          1.          The church was purchased with Jesus’ blood - Acts 20:28

                          2.          The church is composed of those who are saved - Acts 2:47

                          3.          Jesus’ blood redeems, or buys back, you and I - Eph 1:7-8

                          4.          This purchase was not accidental, but planned - I Pet 1:18-20

                          5.          If the church was not established, Satan would have won - Matt 16:18

             D.         If the Jews had accepted the Christ, there would have been no death, no burial, no resurrection, and no blessed gospel to proclaim

                          1.          The foundation of good news is Jesus’ resurrection - I Cor. 15:3-4

                          2.          Our entire lives would be a sham - I Cor 15:12-19

IV.       However, the Jews did reject the Christ. Jesus did a cruel death upon the cross. He was buried for three days and nights. And he was raised to the right-hand of the Father.

             A.         He is our Lord, our Master, and our King! - Rev 5:11-13

             B.         To the world, message of a dying savior is foolishness, but not to us - I Cor 1:18

             C.         Rom 1:16 - Do you believe in the power of the gospel? Will you accept its message?

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