Thank you for the resources on Catholicism



I am writing to thank you for all the wonderful lessons on Catholicism that you have on your site.  I have been dating someone who came from a Catholic background, and although he went through the Catholic school system, he is learning that he doesn't know anything about the Bible or his parents' religion.  He has been attending church with me for the past 2 years and has come a very long way.  He has even defended the Church of Christ in a very simple manner "She doesn't do anything that is not in the Bible."  Simply put and yet it seems to be so complicated for his parents.

I am working now on better understanding Catholicism so I can intelligently answer and ask questions of his parents (I am anticipating they will tell me to talk to their family priest.  I want the answers from them though.  I believe that both his parents are bound to tradition and cultural practices and do not know what they practice.  I pray for patience and the ability to teach.

Thank you again for all the resources!


You're quite welcome and if there is a question that arises which you need help addressing, just let me know.

You are quite correct that most Catholics do not understand their religion. Actually the same could be said for many who attend various denominations. Just make sure you have your Scriptures to back up what you are asserting. And take advantage of the many informal occasions when a point arises to state what the Bible actually says.

Talking to the priest won't help matters. He will just attempt to "prove" that you can't know everything without the help of the Roman Catholic church. I remember studying one priest who insisted that we talk about whether there was green grass on the hill when Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. It is a non-argument and a distraction from the truth.

Sometimes the point that makes a difference will be seemingly minor. We have a couple here who left Catholicism years ago. The turning point was when the preacher mentioned that Saint Veronica isn't mentioned in the Bible. Veronica happened to be one of their favorite saints, so they literally stayed up all night going through the gospels to prove this preacher wrong. When they got to the end and found out that Veronica wasn't there, the wife literally cried. And then she became furious that the Catholic church had lied to her for all those years. Two weeks later they became true Christians.

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