We are faithful members of a smaller congregation. We have less than ten youths and three of them are ours. Our oldest is now a teen and is having trouble navigating adolescence (none his age at our home congregation). We have fellowship with surrounding sound congregations over the years for any events they hold.

We have been attending another sound congregation across town since our building was not open because of Covid-19.

This congregation has more kids his age whom he really enjoys being around. My husband wants to change congregations because he feels (as do I) that our children will benefit greatly from other Christian friends and that our son desperately needs them. I know to follow my husband, but he wants me to be in agreement as well. I just hold some reservations that we would be taking away from our home congregation if we move our membership. Is it wrong for us to move home congregations for our children?

Any insight you can offer would really help! Thank you so much!


Being a preacher at a smaller congregation, I know first-hand how difficult it is to build up a strong group when people move looking for companions for their children, and accuracy of the congregation is only a distant consideration. Often I noted that if people had stayed, there would have been children near the same age.

But what you describe is a town that has two sound congregations within easy driving distance. One chose to close its doors because of the virus situation and the other continues to operate. I become curious why the two congregations cannot merge to become one congregation. Personally, I too would attend the congregation that continued to meet and I would remain there even after the other congregation reopens simply because this is a group that understands the importance of worship.

That your son sees benefits as well would only be a nice side-effect.

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