Isn’t the reason denominations want married preachers is because they confuse the office of an elder with that of the preacher?


I wanted to make a comment about requiring preachers to be married. I have taken note that the denominations do not generally adhere to scriptural church leadership, and instead of a plurality of elders, they have a board of deacons and one 'elder' or 'pastor,' who also serves as the preacher. In other words, they have confused the role of minister and pastor, joining the two into one role rather than separating them as God does. It seems (and this is just my thought on the subject) that possibly their justification for requiring their ministers to be married is because of the command for elders to have 'one wife'. Of course, this is still not scriptural, but it may explain why denominational institutions have such requirements.

Thank you for the biblical answers, I read them every day.


You are correct that few in the denominations understand the organization of the church as God laid it out in the New Testament. I don't think this is the case in the question receive earlier because the writer knew the difference between elders, deacons, and preachers and understood that the qualifications for elders do not apply to preachers. Because of this, I assume he is a member of the church.

However, it should be noted that because the church draws many people out of the denominations that people often carry ideas with them without stopping to check to see if they match the teachings in the New Testament. I suspect this is a source of people wanting to add a requirement that God did not make. People perceive, though wrongly, that a married preacher is more stable and less likely to get involved in sexual sins.

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