Is Thayer’s Greek Lexicon bad?


I was just in a conversation with a person who quoted you as saying that you think that Thayer's Greek Lexicon is a false interpretation of the Greek language.  Is this true?  If so, what interpreters of the Greek language do you consult with, or do you have enough knowledge of the Greek language that you do not need to consult anyone else?


One of the nice things about posting almost all of my responses is that I can give evidence about what I actually said. I didn't say Thayer was false, I said that Thayer has strong biases that need to be considered when quoting his work, just as you need to consider the bias of any scholar's work.

See: Why does Thayer say that "world" can mean "believers only?"

If you search my site for "Thayer" you will find him referenced many times. I don't think Thayer is always the best source, and certainly not the only source. There are times, though, when he expresses a definition well.

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