I cannot believe that you would waste so much time discussing total bonker imaginings. The fact that none of the persons who wrote about Jesus personally knew him seems to escape your grey cells. They lived three hundred years after he died!!

You know nothing of what the leaders of the Sanhedrin said! How could you? You are all nothing but bloody anti-Semites trying to blame the Sanhedrin for Jesus’ crucifixion.

Lutheran friends of mine told me that Mary had been raped by a Roman (a very frequent occurrence), and he loathed the Romans because of it. The Romans crucified him because he was a thorn in their side. He was crucified alongside and at the same time as thousands of other Jews, including the aged, pregnant women, children, and babies!

Check it out!


Why are you arguing about what you think I imagine by offering your own imaginations? At least you admit that I'm using documentation. You just think that the documents are not contemporary with the incidents. Yet, you live two thousand years after the events and seem to believe you know more about what actually happened.

The greatest problem you have is that your dating of the Bible doesn't match history.

Papias (about AD 130, but probably earlier). He was alive when John was still alive. He stated:

 “Matthew composed the oracles in Hebrew, and each one interpreted them as he was able.”

This quote can be translated as saying that Matthew was written in the Hebrew dialect or style of writing.

“This also the Elder [John] used to say. Mark, having become Peter’s interpreter, wrote accurately all that he remembered, though he did not [record] in order that which was either said or done by Christ. For he neither heard the Lord nor followed Him; but subsequently, as I said, [attached himself to] Peter, who used to frame his teaching to meet the [immediate] wants [of his hearers], and not as making a connected narrative of the Lord’s discourses. So Mark committed no error as he wrote down some particulars just as he recalled them to mind. For he took heed to one thing – to omit none of the facts that he heard and to set nothing falsely in [his narrative of] them.”

Justin Martyr lived within 50 years of the apostle John’s death. Justin, after quoting Luke’s account of the Lord’s Supper, said, “the apostles in the memoirs composed by them which are called Gospels, have thus delivered unto us what was enjoined upon them.”

“The mention of the fact that Christ changed the name of Peter, in his [Peter’s] memoirs, together with his having changed the name of two other brethren who were sons of Zebedee to Boanerges, tended to signify that he was the same through whom the surname Israel was given to Jacob, and Joshua to Hoshea.”

The changing of Peter’s name is only found in the Gospel of Mark which Justin said was Peter’s memoirs, recorded by John Mark.

Irenaeus wrote sometime between 180 - 192 A.D.

“Matthew, among the Hebrews in their own dialect, brought out also a writing of a Gospel while Peter and Paul in Rome were preaching and founding the Church. After their death Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, also himself committed to us inscripturated the things being preached by Peter. And Luke, the follower of Paul, the Gospel being preached by that one he put down in a book. Then John, the disciple of the Lord . . . also he gave out the Gospel while staying in Ephesus of Asia.”

For the moment, these are sufficient to show that the Gospel accounts were not written 300 years after the events of Jesus' life. What it really means that you don't want to accept eye-witness accounts that tell a story different from what you want to believe. That being the case, the problem is not my discussing what history has recorded. You don't like considering that you might be wrong.

Your Lutheran friends have quite the imagination. Of course, it isn't back by any historical evidence. Oh, wait! You were scolding me for following imaginary stories. ... Hmmm.


I use no imaginings whatsoever. You on the other hand are trying to prove something that never happened.

What Bible are you referring to? You call the New Testaments a Bible? It’s a joke!

Please don’t contact me again.


I seem to recall that it was you who contacted me. I don't know what you were expecting -- amazement at your brilliant reasoning? You came to pick a fight and found out that your punches didn't connect. I do hope you'll think about it more.

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