I moved to another city in order to finish the last phase of my graduate studies. My parents are still supporting me financially. My older colleagues said that I will receive a scholarship, but nowhere near enough to make a living, especially in this city. Thus, I will depend on my parents for at least two years more years.

I'm on vacation and back at home. A problem has come up; my parents are still not Christians and have a habit of drinking - sometimes heavily - on the weekends. I have read your articles about Old and New Testament beverages. I am not quite sure if I agree with all your points, but I don't drink anyway as a precaution to not sin since I did not make up my mind on the matter. My parents' habits also contributed to my avoidance of alcohol altogether. The thing is, they do drink and ask me to take the groceries from the car to the kitchen. I stated that since it goes against my beliefs, I can bring in any groceries but the alcoholic ones. Well, every time that happened there were discussions, loud talk and what it seems to be a blatant inability to understand by my parents. More recently I, in an attempt to not wage a war every time they come home from the supermarket, started to take the alcoholic groceries. But this is bothering me, and I repent for doing these things against my conscience (Romans 14:23).

Now, what do I do? Any advice?


I'm curious. What do your parents do when you are not home to carry in the groceries?

The simple answer is to not argue. Carry in the groceries and leave the alcohol in the car. When they ask, just state that you don't agree with their drinking and you don't like seeing them drunk. You can't stop them, it has to be their decision, but at the same time, it is your decision to not contribute to the problem. If they insist on drinking, then they can carry it themselves.

In other words, you can stand firm without arguing or getting angry.

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