Did Adam and Eve have six fingers?


In my genetics class today, my instructor said that the dominant gene for the number of fingers on a human is six, meaning five fingers is a recessive gene. This startled me because does that mean Adam and Eve had six fingers, and if that was dominant, then wouldn't everyone have six fingers? I'm sort of freaking out. I know it's so small in comparison to all the proof for Christianity, but I just don't like having that doubt. If the majority of people on earth have 5 fingers, how is the dominant number 6? In order for this to make sense wouldn't Adam and Eve had to have had 5 fingers? Is that possible if the dominant number is 6? I think I said that really confusingly but then again I'm terrible at genetics but this stuck to my head. Thanks once again, sorry if it's confusing. Oh and we are getting into evolution next, anything I should know before I get there?


Everyone has two copies of each gene. A dominant gene means that it overrides the other gene when it is present. Since the vast majority of the world has five fingers, and if five fingers is a recessive gene, then that means Adam and Eve had two copies of the five fingers gene. Six fingers then is a mutation of the sort that it takes only one to make the characteristic show up. Dominant, however, doesn't mean that the gene is prevalent in society.

This particular mutation has been around for a while. "Yet again there was war at Gath, where there was a man of great stature, who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in number; and he also was born to the giant" (II Samuel 21:20).

In evolution, take note of how little actual proof there is for evolution. The case is built on assertions without many facts. Also take note that evolution, though only a theory, is often presented as a fact; yet if evolution were actually true, a number of scientific laws would have to be false. A "law" in science means there is no evidence, proof, or likely counter in the future that the law is false. For example, evolution claims increasing complexity. Thermodynamics has a law of increasing entropy (chaos). Both cannot be true. See the articles on evolution for more things to think about.

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