The Establishment of the Church

Text: Acts 2:37-47


I.         Peter’s sermon bothered his audience. It cut them to their hearts.

            A.        Peter accused them of killing the Messiah and their king and they understood that he was right.

            B.        “What shall we do?” shows they believed the message.

            C.        Yet there was more that needed to be done: repent and be baptized, so they would receive forgiveness of their sins.

II.        They also would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit

            A.        This gift is singular – not the gifts as in the miracles of the Spirit

            B.        It was a gift promised to all people of all generations, as many as are called.

            C.        The Spirit guarantees our salvation - Ephesians 1:13-14

III.       It took more words to convince the people to accept Peter’s remedy

            A.        Those who accepted Peter’s teaching were baptized – 3,000 that day

            B.        They began to devote themselves to the worship of God

                        1.         Listening to the apostles’ teachings

                        2.         Fellowship - having things in common

                        3.         Breaking Bread - The Lord’s Supper

                        4.         Prayer

IV.      It was a time of wonder. Signs and miracles were happening among the apostles.

            A.        The people felt loyalty to each other. They shared not only their religion, but their lives. Even their property they held in common

            B.        Property was sold to make sure the needy were cared for.

            C.        Daily they gathered at the temple, they went from house to house sharing meals

            D.        There was gladness and sincerity. They praised God and the people around them held them in favor.

            E.        Each day brought more and more to the church. The Lord was adding to their number.

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