The Healing of the Lame Man

Text: Acts 3

I.         Peter and John enter the temple one afternoon, about 3 pm

            A.        One of the temple gates was named “Beautiful”.

                        1.         A man lame from birth was daily carried to this gate to beg of the worshipers entering the temple. Acts 4:22 notes the man was over 40 years old.

                        2.         As Peter and John entered, he begged alms of them

            B.        Peter told the man to look at him

                        1.         He stated he had no money, but in the name of Jesus he commanded the man to walk

                        2.         He pulled the man upright and immediately his feet and ankles grew strong

                        3.         The man did not just walked, he leaped up. He was jumping around, walking and praising God.

            C.        It attracted a crowd

                        1.         They all knew the man. They had seen him regularly

                        2.         They were amazed. They wondered what it meant.

                        3.         It was the perfect setting for another delivering of the Gospel

II.        They moved to the portico of Solomon

            A.        Peter asked why they stared at him and the man.

                        1.         They did not cause his healing by their own power. Nor was it because they were so religious.

            B.        The healing came to give glory to Jesus. The very man they had disowned and caused to be crucified.

                        1.         They asked for the release of a murderer and killed the Prince who could give them life.

                        2.         This Jesus was raised from the dead. Peter and John were witnesses of this fact.

                        3.         It was faith in Jesus that caused this man to be healed.

            C.        The death of Jesus was done in their ignorance.

                        1.         Yet, it was according to God’s predetermined plan.

                        2.         Jesus’s death fulfilled the prophets’ words.

            D.        Peter commands them to repent

                        1.         Here is a definition of repentance - returning to God

                        2.         It is necessary for sins to be removed and blessings to come.

            E.        Jesus has been received in heaven as the restoration is done

                        1.         This one was the Prophet spoken of by Moses.

                        2.         Moses told the people to heed Jesus.

                        3.         To not heed would imperil their souls

                        4.         Not only Moses, but all the prophets spoke of his coming.

            F.        These are the people who descended from the prophets and inherited the covenant that God made with their fathers

                        1.         In your seed (singular) all nations would be blessed.

                        2.         The blessing is to turn away from sin. It was shown in Jesus’ resurrection.

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