Peter’s First Sermon

Text: Acts 2:14-36


I.         Peter starts with what his audience recognized

            A.        An unusual, miraculous event was taking place. Men were speaking in languages they never learned.

            B.        He points out that it could not have been caused by drunkenness

                        1.         Drunkenness does not produce such an effect

                        2.         Besides it is too early in the morning for people to get drunk

            C.        Instead, Peter points to an Old Testament prophecy that said common people would be given the ability to prophesy and stated that this is what they were witnessing

                        1.         This prophecy stated that it would precede to events

                                    a.         The judgement of God

                                    b.         The offer of salvation to the people

II.        Peter moves to talk of Jesus

            A.        The people knew Jesus was a prophet by the miracles he had done in their presence

                        1.         They knew this was God’s testimony of Jesus’s place

            B.        The fact that Jesus was crucified was not a show that Jesus did not have God behind him

                        1.         His death was foreknown and predetermined

            C.        Yet God triumphed in raising Jesus from the dead.

                        1.         It was impossible for death to keep hold on Jesus

                        2.         David prophesied in the words of the Messiah that God would always be present with the Messiah. That God would not leave the Messiah’s soul in Hades. His body would not undergo decay. The way of life is made known to the Messiah

                        3.         David was not speaking of himself. He has been dead to nearly 1000 years. His tomb is a well-known monument.

                        4.         David, being a prophet, knew that God promised to place one of his descendants on his throne.

                        5.         What David was speaking of was the resurrection of that descendant.

                        6.         Jesus is a descendant of David. He was killed, but did not remain dead. Many people have witnessed his resurrection, including the men standing here performing miraculous signs.

            D.        Jesus has now been exalted by God. Sitting in a place of honor.

                        1.         From his throne, he has sent the Spirit of God to do the wonder they are now witnessing

                        2.         It was not David who ascended into heaven.

                                    a.         He calls his own descendant his Lord

                                    b.         This Lord is Jesus whom God has declared both Lord (king) and Christ (anointed)

                                                (1)       Kings were anointed - I Samuel 10:1

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