Preaching the Gospel

Text: Acts 9:19-43

I.         Saul

            A.        Saul could not keep the good news to himself. He immediately went to his brethren to declare that Jesus was the Son of God.

            B.        This amazed the Jews because they knew Saul reputation in Jerusalem and his purpose in coming to Damascus.

            C.        Saul honed his skills in presenting the gospel and the Jews were no able to meet his logic.

                        1.         When a group cannot win a religious argument, they turn to other means to “win.”

                        2.         Within a few days, they were plotting Saul’s death.

                        3.         Saul heard about the plan.

                        4.         To make sure they caught Saul, they had the entrances of the city watched day and night, but the disciples in Damascus took Saul to a wall one night and let him down in a large basket.

            D.        From Damascus, Saul went to Arabia - Galatians 1:15-17

            E.        It wasn’t until three years after his conversion that he went to Jerusalem - Galatians 1:18-19

                        1.         Even after this period of time, the brethren did not trust that Saul was truly converted to Christ

                        2.         It took Barnabas to finally persuade the apostles to see Saul

                        3.         Saul described his conversion, as well as his teaching

                        4.         He continued to boldly teach in Jerusalem

                        5.         This time it was Jews from the Greek providence who began to plot to kill Saul.

                        6.         When the brethren in Jerusalem learned of the plot they sent Saul to Caesarea to catch a boat to Tarsus - Galatians 1:21-24

            F.        During this time the church had relative peace and continued to grow spiritual as well as in number.

II.        Peter

            A.        Peter was traveling through the regions of Judea, Galilee, and Samaria

            B.        In the town of Lydda in Judea he found a paralyzed man named Aeneas

                        1.         Aeneas had been bedridden for eight years.

                        2.         Peter told him that Jesus Christ has healed him, to arise and walk.

                        3.         He was healed immediately - no recovery period

                        4.         The result was that people living in Lydda and the nearby town of Sharon turned to the Lord.

            C.        In the costal town of Joppa a disciple named Tabitha (or Dorcas in Greek) became ill and died.

                        1.         She was devote woman, well-known for her deeds of kindness that she continually did.

                        2.         The brethren prepared her body for burial and placed it in an upper room for the wake.

                        3.         Since the disciples heard that Peter was in the nearby town of Lydda, they asked him to come without delay.

                        4.         Peter was brought to see the body of Tabitha and he met widows who stood weeping and showing him the garments that Tabitha had made for them.

                        5.         Peter sent them all out of the room, prayed, and then told Tabitha to arise

                                    a.         She opened her eyes and seeing Peter, immediately sat up.

                                    b.         Peter gave her his hand and brought her to the disciples.

                        6.         News spread through the whole town and many became disciples

                        7.         Peter remained in town with a disciple named Simon, a tanner.

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