The Conversion of Saul

Text: Acts 9:1-19

I.         While we were looking at events in Philip’s life, we must not forget that Saul continued to persecute the church

            A.        He was not satisfied with just searching out Christians in the Jerusalem area, he also searched them out in other regions.

            B.        He obtained permission to find and arrest any Christians found in the synagogues in Damascus.

                        1.         They had no authority in the city of Damascus, but they could arrest people in the synagogues.

                        2.         He was after men and women of the Way (from Jesus’ statement in John 14:6)

II.        On his journey, a bright light flashed around him

            A.        He fell to the ground

            B.        He heard a voice asking why he was persecuting him?

            C.        Saul asked who he was talking to

                        1.         He addressed the unknown as “lord” for he realized this was one who was mighty.

                        2.         The voice identified himself as Jesus.

            D.        Jesus does not tell Saul what to do, but directs him to the city and wait further instruction.

            E.        Saul’s traveling companions heard the voice, but did not understand the words (see also Acts 22:9). They also saw the light, but did not see anyone

            F.        As a result, Saul was blinded by the light

III.       He entered Damascus as a blind man

            A.        He spent three days in this condition, refusing to eat or drink, spending the time in prayer

            B.        A Christian, named Ananias, received a vision from the Lord.

                        1.         He was told to go to the house where Saul was staying.

                        2.         The man was expecting him and knew Ananias would restore his vision.

            C.        Ananias was surprised by the request

                        1.         He had heard of Saul’s deeds against the church.

                        2.         He even knew that Saul had come with authority from the priests to arrest Christians in Damascus.

            D.        Jesus explained that Saul was chosen to be his instrument to the Gentiles

                        1.         He would also appear before kings and Israelites

                        2.         He would know all this in advance, as well as the sufferings he would endure.

                        3.         Think about this, would you become a Christian knowing that you would suffer and eventually die for your choice?

IV.      Ananias went to Saul

            A.        He explained that Jesus sent him to restore his sight and to give him the Holy Spirit.

            B.        His sight was restored and he then was baptized

            C.        Only then did he start eating and restoring his health.

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