Bible Class Ideas

This page focuses on activities, worksheets, and other ideas to help supplement a Bible class. See Bible Study Resources for actual lessons and curriculum.

3 Minute Bible Studies by Scott Smelser. A collection of short videos to teach topics from the Bible.

Bible Activity Worksheets

Bible Fun for Kids by Debbie Jackson. A collection of Bible lessons and printable sheets for younger children.

Bible Songs and More by Diana Dow. Includes lyrics, sheet music, and an MP3 file of Sister Dow singing the songs.

Bible Word Search Puzzles This site was developed by a member of the institutional churches. The charts are colorful, well laid out, and cover a wide variety of topics. Children's Bible Stories

Calvary Curriculum This has Old Testament and New Testament worksheets — listed by story name in order as it appears in the Bible. They are all in PDF format. Included are Scripture references, fill-in-the-blanks, true-false, word searches, and crossword puzzles for each story. You can choose between two grade levels for the question pages — there is also a picture and a cover sheet — you choose what pages you need or want. While the material is produced by a denomination, the curriculum appears to stick with the Bible. It makes a good supplement for a chronological study of the Bible.

Children Bible Activities Crafts & Printable Games Denominational site that contains numerous activity worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. Use with caution.

Children's Bible Study

Christian Adult Education Interesting articles on Bible classes. Numerous useful links. The author is a member of a mainstream or liberal congregation.

Christian (Bible) Coloring Pages Denominational. Use with caution.

Coloring Pages Denominational. Contains advertising. Use with caution.

Creation to Revelation Bible story flashcards written and drawn by a member of the church. Use to supplement lessons with visuals aids.

Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities A large collection of Bible-related crafts and activities. However, those maintaining this site are involved in denominations. Be very careful about selecting ideas from this site. It does include ideas for incorporating Bible teaching in home school lessons.

DLTK's Bible Activities Use with caution, but it has a variety of material available. Heavy use of ads on the site.

Don Crownover's Bible Puzzles An interesting variety of puzzles for Bible study.

Garden of Praise Children's Bible LessonsGarden of Praise Children's Bible Songs, and Garden of Praise Bible Coloring Book There are other pages of material on this site, though much of it is geared toward homeschooling. This site also has Bible lessons in Spanish and Amharic.

Henny Penny's Bible Lessons for Children Lessons for preschool-aged children by a member of the church.

Kid Explorer's Coloring Pages Denominational. Use with caution.

Making Friends Spiritual Themes for Paper Doll Friends Paper dolls for helping to teach Bible stories.

New Bible Class Songs by Bettye Locklair. Includes lyrics and audio.

Online Bible Puzzles Free puzzles, games, and activities.

Resources for Christian Teachers Index to the material. Denominational based, so use with caution.

Show and Tell Bible Illustrated children's Bible stories on DVD. The stories do have extra commentary, but what I heard was not wrong, but it also wasn't in the biblical text.

Sunday School Sources A denominational site, but it has some good material.

Sunday School Worksheets A denominational site that has many worksheets in PDF format for printing. Use with caution.

Tabernacle Model A full-color 3-D paper model of the tabernacle. Colorful free worksheets on numerous stories in the Bible.

Websites for Teachers A list of websites by the publishers of Women of Gentle Spirit

Windows Bible This program uses the pictures from this web site to illustrate the text of the Bible. A simple paint program allows you to color the black and white line drawings and optionally save your handy work.

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