Survey of the Bible - Joshua

Text: Joshua 1:1-9


I.         Joshua begins the section of the Old Testament generally called “the Prophets” because each book was written by one or more prophets (other than Moses)

            A.        In our Bibles, this section is also know as “History” because these books deal mostly with historical events

            B.        Joshua deals with the conquest and settling of Canaan which took place under the leadership of Joshua

            C.        It is believed that Joshua was the author of this book, except for the last few verses which record his death and burial - Joshua 24:39-31

                        1.         Much like Deuteronomy’s record of Moses’ death and burial

II.        Outline

            A.        Entering the land - Joshua 1-5

                        1.         God’s advice - Joshua 1

                                    a.         Courage - Joshua 1:1-9

                        2.         The two spies and Rahab - Joshua 2

                                    a.         Interesting tidbit

                                                (1)       Rahab is in the lineage of Christ - Matthew 1:5

                                                (2)       Rahab is also listed as a hero of faith - Hebrews 11:31

                        3.         Crossing the Jordan - Joshua 3

                                    a.         Interesting tidbit

                                                (1)       Jesus was baptized by John in the same area where Israel crossed the Jordan - John 1:28

                        4.         Memorials - Joshua 4

                                    a.         One in the river where they crossed - Joshua 4:9

                                    b.         One at Gilgal where they camped after crossing - Joshua 4:20

                        5.         First Passover in Canaan - Joshua 5

                                    a.         Held four days after crossing (Joshua 4:19; 5:10)

                                    b.         The manana stopped the next day (Joshua 5:12)

            B.        Conquest of Canaan - Joshua 6-12

                        1.         Central Campaign - Joshua 6-9

                                    a.         Fall of Jericho - Joshua 6

                                                (1)       A good example of how faith and works join together and how God gives grace, but man is expected to obey

                                    b.         Israel defeated at Ai due to Achan’s sin - Joshua 7

                                    c.         Conquest of Ai by ambush - Joshua 8

                                    d.         Trickery of the Gibeonites - Joshua 9

                        2.         Southern Campaign - Joshua 10

                                    a.         Five kings turned on Gibeon for their treaty

                                    b.         Joshua rescued the Gibeonites and conquered the southern territory

                        3.         Northern Campaign - Joshua 11

                                    a.         The king of Hazor in the north formed an alliance to destroy Israel

                                    b.         Despite the large army, they were defeated.

                        4.         Interesting tidbit: the book of Joshua has been used to illustrate battle plans

                        5.         Review of the conquered kings - Joshua 12

            C.        Division of the land - Joshua 13-21

            D.        Near civil war over a memorial resembling an altar on the east side of the Jordan - Joshua 22

                        1.         A good lesson in getting all facts before making a decision - Joshua 22:10-11, 24-28

            E.        Farewell address and Joshua’s death - Joshua 23-24

                        1.         God has fulfilled His promises - Joshua 23:14

                        2.         Prediction of the future (note, not if, but when) - Joshua 23:15-16

                        3.         Steadfast Choice - Joshua 24:14-15

III.       That choice remains today, we can serve the Lord or the world’s lusts.

            A.        We’ll bear the consequences of that choice

            B.        Notice too that it wasn’t a daily decision for Joshua and his family.

            C.        It was made, and they remained faithful to that choice

            D.        What decision will you make this day?

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