Baptism by the Spirit

Text: Acts 2:1-13


I.         The disciples were gathered on the day of Pentecost.

            A.        This would be a Sunday, 50 days after the feast of the Unleavened Bread.

            B.        Given the size of the crowds, some guess they had gathered near the Temple.

II.        A sudden noise, like a mighty wind filled the house they were in

            A.        Light, like tongues of fire descended on each of those gathered.

                        1.         We don’t know how many were present, but it might have been more than just the 12 apostles.

            B.        They were filled with the Spirit, which was manifested by their speaking in other languages as the Spirit gave direction.

            C.        The noise had brought a large crowd to investigate.

                        1.         Since this was a major Jewish holiday, there were people present from many nations – 15 are listed.

                        2.         The people were bewildered because each one was hearing the disciples speak in their own native language.

                        3.         It was particularly amazing because they were from Galilee – a poor district filled with uneducated folk.

            D.        Note that verse 8 defines what speaking in tongues is: It is the ability to speak in another person’s language.

            E.        The crowd debated as to the meaning of this ability.

                        1.         It was not a miracle that has been displayed in the past.

                        2.         Some concluded that the men were just drunk. But notice the mockery that they are drunk on sweet wine -- that is grape juice.

                        3.         Yet drunkenness doesn’t give a man new and special abilities.

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