Farewell to Ephesus

Text: Acts 20:16-38


I.         Paul didn’t want to take time to stop in Ephesus as he was in a hurry to reach Jerusalem by Pentecost.

            A.        Therefore from Miletus, he sent for the elders.

            B.        Elders are men charged with overseeing the faithfulness of a congregation.

II.        Paul’s farewell address

            A.        He reminds them

                        1.         how he faithfully worked with them.

                        2.         How he taught them the things they needed to know both publically and privately.

                        3.         How he taught impartially between the Jews and Greeks how to be saved.

            B.        Paul is determined to go to Jerusalem, but he has been warned repeatedly by the Holy Spirit that imprisonment and afflictions await for him there.

                        1.         Paul is not concerned about his life.

                        2.         The only thing that matters to him is his work. - Philippians 1:21-26

                        3.         Paul doesn’t know what will happen to him, but he does know that he will not see these brethren again in this life.

            C.        There are things Paul wants them to know

                        1.         He has preached to them everything God wanted preached – pleasant and unpleasant.

                        2.         They must be aware of false teachers

                                    a.         Aware for the church for whom they have charge

                                    b.         Because that church is precious, being bought by the blood of Christ.

                                    c.         They must also not fail to realize that those false teachers will arise from their own number.

                                    d.         There will be no exception for their particular group.

                        3.         This is why Paul spent 3 years warning them.

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