Prophecy Against Mount Seir

Text: Ezekiel 35


I.         A prophecy against Edom

            A.        Timing is uncertain, but some estimate that it was given 5 years before Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Edom

            B.        Mount Seir belongs to the descendants of Esau. They had taken the land from the Horites - Deuteronomy 2:5, 12

            C.        This prophecy is one of many against Edom - Isaiah 35; 63:1-6; Jeremiah 49:7-22; Amos 1:11; Obadiah

II.        God promises to empty the land - Ezekiel 35:3-9

            A.        Surprising problems - Jeremiah 49:17

            B.        It was punishment for past wrongs - Joel 3:19; Malachi 1:3-4

                        1.         They never got over their hatred of Israel - Psalm 137:7

                        2.         They attacked Israel when it was weak - Obadiah 10-16; Amos 1:11

            C.        Edom would be prepared for blood because it liked shedding blood

                        1.         There is a play on words here because the word for blood here is dam and is related to the word for Edom, which means “red”

                        2.         See Isaiah 63:1-6

            D.        Travelers would not longer pass that way.

            E.        The country will be littered with the slain

            F.        It would not be rebuilt

                        1.         Just as Edom had perpetual hatred for Israel, their country would remain perpetually empty

III.       The punishment was because they thought to take over Israel and Judah - Ezekiel 35:10-15

            A.        They have longed plotted this end - Psalm 83:1-8, 12

            B.        It did not disturb their plans that God’s dwelling place (temple) was in Israel

            C.        Verse 11 indicates the motivation behind the hatred – envy.

                        1.         They would be punished in accordance to their wrong doing.

            D.        Their exaltation is called blasphemy because it implies that since God wasn’t strong enough to protect Israel, they then could take the empty land -Lamentations 4:21

                        1.         But God heard them - Psalm 9:16; 94:9-11

                        2.         The rejoicing would be turned on them. The world will rejoice that Edom is gone - Isaiah 65:13-15; Obadiah 15

                        3.         Proverbs 17:5

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