Map Resources

Bible Geocoding

All the places in the Bible overlaid on Google Earth Maps and labeled maps. The places are organized by books and chapters from the Bible or alphabetically in an atlas. In also includes over 10,000 photographs of biblical places indexed by place names.

Bible History Online

Lookup a chapter in the Bible and a map appears using Google Map's satellite images with the locations marked.

Bible Mapper

Bible Mapper is a fully interactive, highly accurate Bible mapping system that helps you quickly and easily create customized maps of the Holy Lands or study a particular period and aspect of Bible history. The software, amazingly enough, is FREE! And the license allows the maps you create to be used anywhere.

Bible Maps

Includes a number of blank outline maps.

Bible Maps and Pictures

Bible Picture Gallery: Bible Maps

The maps are found under the Bible Study category. Maps

Includes charts, timelines, and maps.

Biblios Bible Atlas

Pinpoints each place mentioned in the Bible on its own map with Scripture citations and International Standard Bible Encyclopedia article. You can also select area, regional, full-page, and modern-day (Google) maps to use. Plus much more.

Blue Letter Bible Maps

Maps under Rose Publishing and Classic Blue Letter Bible

Daily Bible Study: Bible Maps


Includes useful charts and images.

Old Testament Maps
New Testament Maps

Historic Jesus

Historical Maps of the Middle East

Into His Own

A few maps near the bottom of the page.

Israel in New Testament Times

A clickable map that gives a written description of places selected.

Maps Etc. - Regional Maps of Asia

Maps of the Palestine area from old sources now in the public domain.

Maps for Students

A series of maps of the ancient world.

Maps of Jerusalem

Both ancient and modern maps.

Maps of the Old Testament

Indexed by passages.

Maps Related to the Life of Paul

It contains maps of the Roman Empire, Greece, the journeys of Paul, and Corinth. It also has plans for a pagan temple and a typical Roman home.

New Testament Gateway

A listing of other sites with maps

ORBIS: The Standford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World

Maps of the time to travel and the cost to ship goods from Rome in the Roman Empire.

Paul's Missionary Journeys

An interactive map that includes all of Paul's journeys. You can select individual routes or click on place names to get information about what happened at that location.

Satellite Bible Atlas

StudyLight Maps

Well organized with each map viewable in a variety of sizes.

Study Maps of Bible History

Survey of Western Palestine

The Bible Revival

A set of maps scanned from old books.

Unbound Bible

This reference work allows you to use the maps to follow Paul's journey through the Bible passages.
First Journey
Second Journey
Third Journey

Watchmen Bible Study Group

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