Biblical Pictures, Religious Clip Art, and Videos

Pictures on this site

Organized by books the pictures originated from and by the time period biblical history the pictures represent. Each picture has an associated passage (book, chapter, and verse) to make searching for a particular image easier.

Ancient Road Publications

The site contains clip art of historical figures and archaeological finds.

Art Index By Scripture - Old Testament

Classical artwork indexed by Scripture references. Use with caution, as some images include nudity.

Art Renewal Center

Classical paintings that are not necessarily of a religious nature, though many are. The images are organized by the artist. Use with caution. Some images include nudity.

Bible Land Photographs

Copyrighted photos with permission to use for sermons or Bible classes.

Camtasia Studio PowerPoint Backgrounds

The site sells software, but they are giving out several good PowerPoint background artwork for free.

Christian Computer Art

This site aims to sell graphics but gives a set of free samples.

Christians Unite: Christian Clip Art

This is a denominational site with many biblically incorrect images, but there are many gems to be found among the others.

Classroom Clip Art

Intended for school teachers, this is a good source for general pictures.

Contains PowerPoint templates and backgrounds, photos of biblical places and things, and flip chart images. Some items are sold, but many are free.


Free stock photographs of a general nature. Search engine to many free photographs.

Flickr Commons

Collections of images with permission to be reused. These are general pictures, usually old pictures, and some are inappropriate

Free Bible Images

A mixture of photographs and graphics. Very convenient search and browse abilities to find just the right images. Images are available in several formats and aspect ratios.

Freely Photos

High-quality, religious-themed photographs. Many have a denominational slant to them.

Images of Archaeological Sites in Israel

Life in the Holy Land

Beautiful drawings and pictures of biblical lands from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The pictures on this site are copyrighted and have licensing restrictions, but they allow limited free usage.

Karen's Whimsey: Public Domain Pictures

Free pictures and clip art from old books on various subjects, including the Bible.

Leon's Message Board

A blog by Leon Mauldin on the history and geography of the Bible. Leon conducts Bible land tours, and his blog is filled with photos from the places he has visited.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Public Doman Images

This is a general collection of artwork that is free to use. Included in the images are biblical-themed ones.


Beautiful free PowerPoint backgrounds by a member of the church plus offers of design services.

Noah's Ark Replica

Pictures of a replica of Noah's Ark built by a Dutch contractor. It was built approximately to scale; however, it is 1/2 the length and 1/3 the width of the biblical dimensions. It was built to show the world how massive the Ark was and how so many animals could have been housed for a long time.

Old Book Illustrations

Excellent illustrations on a variety of subjects in various styles.

Olga’s Gallery

Classical paintings on religious topics, all neatly sorted by topic. Use with care. Many classical painters depict nudity.

Omaha Public Library Photo Collection

Collections of public domain photographs from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Photo Tour of Israel

Arranged by topics and by scriptural references

Photos of Bible Places

Over 10,000 photographs were gathered from numerous sites indexed by place name.


Royalty-free photo, graphics, and video clips


Free photos


Free Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Corel Presentation backgrounds and templates.

Prints & Photographs Reading Room

The Library of Congress collection of photographs.

Read-N-Grow Illustrations

Sweet Publishing released the illustrations from their Read-N-Grow Bible storybook for public use. Excellent illustrations of much of the Bible.


Free PowerPoint templates for a variety of situations

Solomon's Temple in 3D

Three videos showing Solomon's temple. One with no words, one with a reading from I Kings 6-7, and the third describing the significance of the various elements.

The Bible Illustration Blog

This one is a bit different. It contains discussions about creating illustrations for the Bible, such as accuracy in noting small details. It has a list of sources for illustrations, though most are not free. However, if you are interested in creating illustrations, it is definitely worth reading. Take note of the "Bible Picture Resource Sites" on the right side. Some of these are free resources.

The Bible Revival

A very extensive collection but not organized to find images easily. It does place a book and chapter with each image, making searching possible.

The Borg

Contains pictures recreating biblical scenes, graphics, and drawings. They are organized by chapter and book of the Bible.

The Glory Story

This site is geared toward selling Bible story pictures, but they do offer about 200 pictures for free, including a complete set of images for the books of Esther and Job.

The Whole Story

Numerous illustrations of varying quality. They are organized by blocks of stories.


A website devoted to high-quality photos free for reuse. Excellent source for PowerPoint backgrounds. Be careful. There are inappropriate pictures mixed in, even though the editors ban nudity.

Visual Bible Alive Resource Center

A well-indexed and searchable database of thousands of biblical images -- all free.

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