Survey of the Bible - I Chronicles

Text: I Chronicles 16:8-36


I.         I Chronicles covers the same time period as II Samuel.

            A.        It starts from the death of Saul and ends with the death of David

            B.        This Chronology was written at a later period - I Chronicles 9:1

                        1.         Some of the lineages extend to Ezra’s day - I Chronicles 3:22 compared with Ezra 8:5

            C.        Most believe Ezra to be the author because of time and style

            D.        While the same time period is covered, the emphasis and selected events are quite different

                        1.         II Samuel tells us a lot about the character of David and the events which shaped his life.

                        2.         I Chronicles has more focus on the religious history of this period.

II.        Genealogy of Israel - I Chronicles 1-8

            A.        From Adam to Isaac - Chapter 1

                        1.         Emphasis is placed on various descendants of Abraham showing the nations that descended from him

            B.        From Jacob (Israel) to David - Chapter 2

            C.        David’s descendants - Chapter 3

            D.        Major families of the twelve tribes - Chapters 4 - 8

                        1.         Jabez’s honor - I Chronicles 4:9-10

                        2.         A mention and explanation for the destruction of Israel - I Chronicles 5:25-26

                        3.         Since Saul was of the tribe of Benjamin, with Benjamin’s lineage came Saul’s particular lineage at the end of chapter 8.

III.       Those who returned from captivity to Jerusalem - I Chronicles 9

            A.        Mentions the captivity of Judah and why - I Chronicles 9:1

            B.        Includes a list of the descendants of Saul

IV.      The Death of Saul - I Chronicles 10

            A.        Why Saul’s reign ended - I Chronicles 10:13-14

V.        The Reign of David - I Chronicles 11-29

            A.        The Establishment of David’s reign - I Chronicles 11-12

                        1.         David’s respect for his men - I Chronicles 11:15-19

                        2.         Includes lists of supporters of David who helped him before he began reigning.

            B.        Moving the tabernacle to Jerusalem - I Chronicles 13-16

                        1.         Chapter 14 includes the account of the defeat of the Philistines

            C.        God’s Covenant with David - I Chronicles 17

                        1.         A result of David’s desire to build a temple for God

            D.        David’s battles - I Chronicles 18-20

            E.        David’s sin in numbering Israel - I Chronicles 21

            F.        David prepares for building the Temple - I Chronicles 22-29

                        1.         Material gathered - I Chronicles 22

                        2.         Duties for the Levites - I Chronicles 23

                                    a.         Note that Solomon begins reigning during David’s old age - I Chronicles 24:1

                        3.         Division of labor for the priests - I Chronicles 24

                        4.         Division of labor for the musicians - I Chronicles 25

                        5.         Divisions of labor for the gatekeepers, treasurers, and remote locations - I Chronicles 26

                        6.         Divisions for the army, overseers and advisors - I Chronicles 27

                        7.         David’s instructions concerning the temple - I Chronicles 28

                        8.         Offerings for the Temple - I Chronicles 29

            G.        Reaffirming Solomon as king - I Chronicles 29:22-25

            H.        David’s death - I Chronicles 29:26-30

                        1.         Note that the books mentioned are what we call I and II Samuel. Here is a list of the authors.

VI.      Many times we skip sections because of long, boring lists

            A.        Chronicles is interesting because of the tidbits injected here and there

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