The Harvest

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Judy had big plans for the future. In a small plot behind the house, she worked the soil – turning it, spading it, and raking it into a fine soft bed for her dream. She could see the fragrant lily-of-the-valleys snuggled up under stately rose bushes. Fuzzy, silver lambs-ear would contrast with the dark foliage of the irises. Dainty violets would fill in the gaps between the flowers. In every way, it was a beautiful dream. But it would have to remain a dream because Judy didn’t have the money for these fine flowers.

There was a young man down the road from Judy. Sam was his name. Judy never cared much for Sam’s company though they were about the same age. Sam had a selfish streak in him. He never did much for anyone without first getting something better for himself. Yet Sam told Judy that he knew a place where flowers had grown near some old, abandoned homes out in the woods. She should have known better than to go with him, but she really wanted those flowers.

The hike to the old homes was quite long and just a bit warm for an Indian Summer. They sat down for a rest, but Sam said he wasn’t getting up until Judy gave him a kiss. Well, one little kiss wouldn’t hurt, but Sam drew it out into a long one.

They continued their walk and found the old homes. It was late in the fall and leaves covered everything. Sam announced he wasn’t going to show Judy where the flower beds were unless she proved she liked him. Sam was irritating that way. Judy came over to kiss him again, but this time Sam’s hands wandered to places they shouldn’t have. She should have stopped him, but it felt kind of good. She could tell Sam was enjoying it too.

They got to digging up various roots and Sam found several seed pods that he put in the bags they brought. Sam took his shirt off as he worked. Judy found herself admiring how his muscles moved as he worked and wondering how they would feel. Sam noticed her looks. Before long the flowers were forgotten as she and Sam laid together in the leaves.

But after Sam was done, he just put his clothes back on and left with nary a word. Judy had to haul those bags back home all by herself. Sam got what he wanted and now he lost interest. Yet, Judy wasn’t too disappointed. She had her flowers.

Spring came and Judy’s plants began to sprout. But they weren’t the beautiful flowers she imagined. Ugly weeds and thistles filled her garden. Judy could have cried in shame. She couldn’t even get out to pull them up. You see she was pregnant and didn’t feel like doing much. She wanted something beautiful for the future, but she could only harvest what she had sown (Galatians 6:7-8).

For Further Study

Verses to Consider:

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Why does God restrict sex to married couples?
  2. Is it possible to sin and never see a consequence of that sin?
  3. At what point did Judy make her first mistake that eventually led to her having a child out of wedlock?
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