Class 4, Chapters 12-15

Chapter 12 Job

12:2—Well you guys really know it all. You’ve got it all figured out! When you die we won’t know anything.

12:3—I know all of this stuff already—so does everybody!!

12:4—Look at what’s happened to me. I’ve spoken to God and I’m blameless but look at me now.

12:5—When your life isn’t a disaster you look down on people who are suffering. You think problems are only for people who stumble like it’s entirely their own fault.

***Point to Consider***

Are we quick to assign blame to people who are having problems? Obviously, some people’s problems are their own fault. Choices will eventually swing full circle and you have to deal with the outcome, good or bad. The tough part which requires discernment is understanding whether someone’s problems are because of poor choices, or simply troubles that anyone could experience. We all know someone in our family who is always having problems which they brought on themselves. In some cases, it’s obvious that the problems are the result of bad choices, but this isn’t always the truth. We can’t assume it’s always someone’s fault that they have troubles. We can become hardened and cynical because of that problem relative or friend who has self-destructive tendencies and poor foresight.

12:6—Evil people are the ones who are at ease. Robbers, idolaters, sinners.

12:7-8—Animals and plants know that God has done this—Just ask them!!

12:10—God holds everything in his hand

12:11—Your ears can tell you what you’re hearing just like your tongue tests food

12:12—Wisdom and understanding is with the old

12:13—God is the source of wisdom and strength. He has understanding and counsel.

12:14-15—If God does something no human can stop or change it. You guys are telling me how to “fix” this but since God did it, who can do anything about it??

12:17-21—God undermines and humiliates the top leadership in all areas of life. His power surpasses every man-made hierarchy and position of power. At every level of authority, God can make these people do as he pleases.

12:22—Nothing is secret from God.

12:23—He can lift up and bring low, a person or a whole nation. He has understanding and can take it away. He can make the people who are supposed to lead go in circles and wander aimlessly.

***Job could also be implying God has taken understanding away from his 3 friends. His standing is high and his friends would likely have power or status of their own. (Law of association)***

Chapter 13 Job

13:1—I know this (everything mentioned in chapter 12) because I’ve seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears and understood it.

13:2—I’m not inferior to you—Come on, I know this stuff

13:3—I’m up for arguing my case with God.

***Job has probably grown angrier as his friends accuse him so he more vehemently defends himself. He probably expected support from his friends but since they are at odds with him he feels the need to justify himself. He probably feels they don’t get it and desires to explain things from his perspective. He says he’ll do something that he earlier declared impossible or futile in 9:2-3 and 9:12.***

13:4—You guys sugar coat things and tell lies. Some helpers you are. The things you say may appear to be logical or appealing in their own way, but it’s a bunch of lies.

13:5—If you stopped talking it would be true wisdom

*** I’ve thought this so many times about people it’s not even funny. “You’d be twice as smart if you said half as much” ***

13:7-8—Do you guys really think you can speak on God’s behalf? Because you speak of God you believe your words are coming from him?

13:9—What if the tables were turned? Would you be innocent? Do you really think you can fool God?

13:10—He will rebuke you if you show partiality even in secret.

13:11—You would be terrified of God.

13:12—Your best advice is garbage

***Think of that low-level junk on the cover page of so many magazines. It’s like a slap in the face to me because I can determine instantly that it’s worthless, yet someone thought it belonged there and wanted me to see it. Seriously.***

13:13-14—I’ll take whatever happens because of what I say. I’m confident I’m in the right. Why would I do something so stupid to forfeit my life? If I’m going to present my case before God I’m only going to do it because I know I’ll be declared blameless before him. I don’t have a death wish!

13:15—Even if God kills me I’ll defend my cause TO HIS FACE!

13:17—Listen up and hear what I have to say!

13:18—I’ve thought it all through and I’m innocent!

13:19—who can really argue with me?

*** Job doesn’t treat his friends’ accusations as legitimate points against him. He is convinced of his own integrity. He doesn’t consider his friends' accusations as authoritative, but rather just peddlers of opinions and well-dressed lies. Job is still fearful of God as told in verse 20-21.***

13:20-21—Job asks for the same things he asked for in 9:34

13:22—Job is asking for the thing he said shouldn’t be done in 9:3 and 9:12

13:23—Let’s put it all out in the open. I’m ready to be judged.

13:24—Where are you, God?

***Who hasn’t asked that before?***

13:25—I’m of no account

13:26—I’m paying for all the stuff I did when I was young and dumb

13:27—Elihu recalls Job’s words from this verse later in the book. I’m stuck here and can’t go beyond the limits God has put on me.

13:28—What is man? He is passing away.

Chapter 14 Job

14:1—Man’s short life is full of trouble.

14:2—the beginning is promising and then it’s all downhill.

14:3—why are you in the judgment seat over me? (Job asking his friends)

14:4—We are imperfect

14:5-6—Since God has already put limits on each person in various ways, why can’t he just leave us alone so we can enjoy the fruits of our labors?

14:7-9—Even a tree has hope; it can die but be brought back.

14:10—when man dies it’s over

14:11-12—he simply remains dead, it’s final

14:13—Please set a time for me to die and remember it!!

14:14—I would wait patiently for my death if I only knew when it would be

14:15-17—you would call me away from this life and I would come to you. My sins would be forgotten forever.

14:18-19—Like things in nature that are destroyed and done away with, you destroy the hope of man

14:20-22—You are against man all his life. You take away his joy and send him away. Man’s troubles are so consuming that he doesn’t know what happens to his children. He must look inward because of his constant, hard troubles. Like a slave who can only occupy himself with his own pain and troubles.

Chapter 15 Eliphaz

15:2-3—even though Eliphaz rebukes Job for his long speech he still acknowledges him as wise. He’s saying it’s unbecoming of a wise man to speak as Job has.

***That’s not lady-like! Something mothers tell their young daughters when trying to instruct them in acting properly***

15:4—you don’t have respect for God

15:5-6—Your iniquity is clear from the words you’ve spoken. You’ve backed yourself into a corner, not anyone else. You’ve proven yourself guilty with your own words

15:7-9—Are you a heavenly being who was around before the earth? Can only you have wisdom? We’re all on the same page with knowing the stuff you say.

15:10—you are young compared to some of us (Job mentioned wisdom being with the aged in 12:12)

15:11—Job is wealthy because God allowed it. Don’t you remember this, Job? Apparently, Eliphaz thinks Job is being dealt with gently because words are what he contends with now (words from his friends)

15:12-13—you are losing self-control and showing unrighteous anger. I can’t believe I’m hearing the stuff you’re saying!

15:14—You are making excuses for your unrighteousness by setting the bar really low (Eliphaz is referring to what Job said in 9:2 and 14:4 about how man cannot be pure)

15:15-16—If the heavens and angels aren’t pure to God, how much less are you, a man filled with injustice and corruption?

15:17-19—I’ve seen it and the wise men from old can attest to this

15:20-24—the wicked have unceasing pain. His prospering will be cut short. He fears death and knows it’s coming for him. (clearly, a shot was taken at Job)

15:25-27—You put your riches before God and defied him

15:28—may be saying that wicked people are lonely

15:29-30—the wicked man fizzles out and his plans die away

15:31—if you want death, be careful because you might get it

15:32-35—God will cut his life short and discard the wicked like bad fruit

15:34—the company of the godless is barren (somehow present company excluded though)


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