Class 10, Chapters 35-37

Chapter 35, Elihu

35:2-3—do you ask how is it better for me to be righteous?

35:5—Elihu mentions clouds in this verse. He will mention more aspects of God’s creation as he continues his speech. Perhaps the clouds preceding the storm can be seen. God eventually appears in the whirlwind. It may be that a storm approaches at this point in Elihu’s speech.

35:6-7—You won’t hurt God by sinning, nor give him anything for being righteous (it’s all his anyway)

35:8—Your wickedness or righteousness concerns humans. It’s people who are affected by it.

35:9—people cry for help when they are oppressed

35:10-11—people who know wisdom is with God do not ask “Where is God?”

35:12-13—pride and insincerity prevent a person’s cries from being heard by God. God doesn’t regard mere words

35:14—he won’t regard your words when you can’t see what he is showing you (9:11, 33:14). You can’t say you are waiting on him to decide regarding your case.

35:15-16—because God isn’t punishing Job for his many words, he continues to speak and multiplies his words spoken without knowledge.

Chapter 36, Elihu

36:4—Elihu’s knowledge comes from God

36:5—God isn’t arbitrary in his dealings with man

36:8-12—God is merciful by giving people a chance to turn from iniquity. They are shown what they have done wrong and receive instruction. God doesn’t just punish without cause. If they turn and obey, prosperity and life continue. If they don’t, they die without knowledge.

36:13-14—the godless in heart don’t even ask God for help. They die young among the shameful and notorious, the sinful and immoral.

36:15—adversity causes people to stop and think about what they’re doing.

***In business when you have a victory you celebrate; when you fail you ponder. We consider things with more scrutiny when they don’t go well***

Adversity makes people take stock of their choices. God delivers them from their affliction.

36:16—God will take you away from all of this pain and suffering. He will richly provide for you.

36:18—remain faithful

36:19—can you save yourself?

36:21—don’t turn to evil

***When we are tested we are tempted to resort to sin, especially one we’ve chosen in the same kind of test and trouble. Remaining steadfast is better than turning to iniquity. We never regret rejecting a temptation to sin.***

36:23—we need to remember this in our affliction

36:27-30—Elihu glorifies God’s creation, again mentioning rain and lightning. It could be these are approaching or rain is already here.

36:33—The cows know about God’s storms and announce their arrival

Chapter 37, Elihu

37:1-5—I predict a storm has now arrived at this point in Elihu’s speech. He talks about how thunder and lightning are God’s creation and he uses them; God is glorified

37:7—Everything stops when God’s storm is happening.

37:13—God uses the weather for his own purposes. To correct, help the land, or out of love.

37:14—stop and consider the wondrous works of God.

***Do we think about the wondrous works of God or are we only thinking of the coming judgment on the wicked?***

37:16—The wondrous works of him who is perfect in knowledge. We are capable of some impressive things, but the work of God comes from him, and he is perfect.

37:19—we are limited by things like the darkness

37:20—you can’t simply speak to God like to another man. A person would be overcome by God’s presence; who would ask to be destroyed like that?

37:24—he does not regard any who are wise in their own conceit.

***A good way to be ignored by God is to think you have it all figured out***

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