Lesson 10

David's Last Days

Chronology Summary

A Successor Selected (I Kings 1)

Adonijah, Solomon's power-thirsty half-brother, desired the throne. Adonijah figured that his ambition was applauded by his father since David had not spoken against him. Adonijah prepared his forces to take the throne of David. Joab and Abiathar, the priest, sided with Adonijah to overthrow Solomon's appointment. Most of David's mighty men sided with Solomon. (I Kings 1:1-10)

Nathan persuaded Bathsheba to inform David of the trouble brewing in his kingdom. She followed Nathan's advice and approached David with the situation. Nathan likewise approached David and asked him if Adonijah was selected to succeed David. David confirmed Solomon as the selected successor to the throne. (I Kings 1:11-40)

Adonijah was informed as to the confirmation of Solomon as king. This news terrified him and his men. Adonijah feared Solomon. Solomon pledged the safety of Adonijah pending his acceptance of Solomon as king. (I Kings 1:41-53)

The end of David's days (I Kings 2)

David's life drew to a close. David encouraged Solomon to live and rule by God's law. David asked Solomon to tend to those who caused grief for David. These people included Joab and Shimei. He also asked for Solomon to show kindness to other people. After talking with Solomon, David died. David reigned over Israel for 40 years. (I Kings 2:1-11)

Psalm 39 - Lord, make me to know my end

  1. Why did David ask for help in restraining his tongue?
  2. Does your tongue ever give you trouble? How is the tongue connected with the heart?
  3. David understood that his days are limited. What does he express to God in Psalms 39?
  4. In what way is life like a vapor or a shadow?
  5. What is wrong with heaping up earthly treasure?
  6. In what did David place his hope?

Psalm 72 - Give the king Your judgments, O God

  1. What did David ask of God concerning his son, Solomon, in Psalms 72? Please list his requests here.
  2. Is there anything improper about David requesting these things for his son?
  3. What is significant about the change of focus in 72:18? Why do you think David made this change?
  4. How does David end this Psalm?
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