Lesson 3

David on the Run

Chronology Summary

David on the Run (I Samuel 23)

David learned of an opportunity to help the people of Keilah in defeating the Philistines. He wisely turned to God in prayer about the situation. God instructed David to go ahead and battle the Philistines at Keilah. David triumphed over the Philistines. Saul learned that David was at Keilah and planned to go overtake the city to capture David. God warned David what would happen during the battle. David and his men fled and Saul abandoned the plan against Keilah. (I Samuel 23:1-13)

God protected David from the vengeful pursuits of Saul. David and Jonathan met and talked of David's future in Israel. Jonathan explained that both he and his father knew that David was selected to become Israel's next king. David continued his course of safety from Saul. (I Samuel 23:14-29)

David Spared the Sleeping Saul (1 Samuel 24)

David often found refuge in caves. Saul and his 3,000 men continued their pursuit of David. One night, both Saul and David sought refuge in the same cave. David knew Saul was there, but Saul was completely unaware of David's presence. David's men encouraged him to kill Saul. David refused. However, to show Saul that he had been there, David cut the edge of Saul's robe. (I Samuel 24:1-15)

David called into the cave and began a dialogue with Saul. David and Saul made their peace and each went his own way. (I Samuel 24:16-22)

David Married Abigail (I Samuel 25)

Following the death of Samuel, David sent messengers to Nabal, a wealthy herdsman, for assistance. Nabal refused to assist David. The messengers returned to David with the news of Nabal's refusal to provide the assistance. (I Samuel 25:1-12)

David responded by arming him men for an attack against Nabal. Abigail, Nabal's wife, learned of the forthcoming attack. She prepared a gift for David and secretly went to him. Abigail discouraged David from attacking her husband and presented him with the gift. Abigail told Nabal what she had done. This caused Nabal to become like a stone (possibly suffering from a massive stroke). Ten days later, Nabal died. David then took Abigail to be one of his wives. (I Samuel 25:13-44)

David Spared Saul, Again (I Samuel 26)

The Ziphites disclosed to Saul where David was hiding. Saul assembled his army and went to the Wilderness of Ziph to find David. (I Samuel 26:1-6)

David and his servant Abishai snuck into Saul's camp at night. They found Saul sleeping but David refused to kill the Lord's anointed one just as before. Instead, David left Saul alive and still sleeping. He took Saul's spear and water jug as evidence that he was close enough to Saul to cause him harm. When he was a safe distance away, David called out to Saul. During the conversation, Saul repented of his desire to kill David. (I Samuel 26:7-21)

David returned the property of Saul. (I Samuel 26:22-25)

Psalms 12-13 - Help Lord, for the godly man ceases!

  1. How did David describe his situation while on the run from Saul?
  2. What did David ask the Lord to do for him?
  3. Was David being disrespectful in his plea to God in Psalm 13?
  4. What caused David's heart to rejoice? What is meant by the word "rejoice"?

Psalm 54 - Save me, O God

  1. How did the Ziphites, in I Samuel 23, betray David?
  2. How did David respond?
  3. Who delivered David from all of his trouble? How might this apply to us today?

Psalm 142 - When my spirit is overwhelmed

  1. Describe the emotion of David relayed in this Psalm.
  2. Did David feel he had the upper hand in dealing with Saul?
  3. Verse 7 asks for his soul to be released from prison. What did he mean by this?

Psalm 63 - O God, You are my God

  1. Did David serve the Lord out of compulsion? How do you know?
  2. When did David say he would remember the Lord?
  3. What is involved in hungering and thirsting for the Lord?
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