Paul’s Third Journey

Text: Acts 18:22-19:10


I.         After spending some time in Antioch of Syria, Paul returned again to the churches he helped establish. He traveled through the provinces of Galatia and Phrygia visiting the churches.

II.        Meanwhile, our attention is focused on Ephesus and a man named Apollos.

            A.        Apollos was from Alexandria in Egypt.

                        1.         A university town famous for its great library.

                        2.         Alexandria had also become a cultural center for the Jewish faith. The famous Septuagint translation of the Old Testament Scriptures was done here.

            B.        Apollos was a very good speak and very knowledgeable about the Scriptures

                        1.         He had learned of the baptism of John, who prepared the way for the Lord.

                        2.         This man was knowledgeable enough to be able to teach about God’s ways and even about Jesus.

                        3.         Yet his knowledge was incomplete.

            C.        When he began to speak out boldly in the synagogue, Priscilla and Aquila took him aside and completed his education.

                        1.         This is the couple Paul had met in Corinth.

                        2.         They evidently only traveled part of the way with Paul and stayed in Ephesus while Paul continued his journey.

            D.        Apollos became a great minister.

                        1.         He decided to cross over to Achaia (the Corinthian area).

                        2.         The brethren in Ephesus thought it a good idea and even wrote letters of introduction for him.

                        3.         Arriving in Achaia, Apollos was a great source of help to the brethren there

                        4.         He was a mighty debater and strongly refuted the Jews by proving that Jesus was the Messiah.

III.       After Apollos had left for Achaia, Paul reached Ephesus in his journey.

            A.        He found a handful of believers and he asked if they had received the gifts of the Holy Spirit yet.

                        1.         This was something that Paul, as an apostle, could pass on to Christians.

            B.        Surprisingly, these brethren had never heard of the Holy Spirit, let alone the gifts the Spirit bestows.

                        1.         This is odd because Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our salvation (Ephesians 1:13-14).

                        2.         He is promised to all Christians (Acts 2:38)

                        3.         It is hard to imagine anyone becoming a Christian without knowing about the Holy Spirit.

            C.        Paul asked what baptism, then did they receive and learned that these believers only knew of John’s baptism – probably learning of it from Apollos in his earlier days.

                        1.         Paul then explained that John’s baptism was a preparation for the Christ and that the Christ had already come.

                        2.         He explained to them about Jesus and how he was the Christ.

                        3.         When they learned this, they were baptized (about 12 men).

            D.        Paul then laid hands on them and they received the gifts of the Spirit.

IV.      Paul stayed in Ephesus for three months, boldly speaking in the synagogue about Jesus. He reasoned with the Jews that the kingdom of God had come.

            A.        As usual, some just became more stubborn.

            B.        These unbelieving Jews became disobedient and spoke evil of the way of Christ

            C.        Paul, as a result left the synagogue and began teaching in a school ran by Tyrannus.

                        1.         He taught there for two years

                        2.         The students left and taught where they went

                        3.         As a result, the entire province of Asia (the area around Ephesus) heard the gospel, both Jews and Greeks.

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