Paul Arrested in Jerusalem

Text: Acts 21:27-22:29


I.         Rumors broke out that Paul was in the Temple, spread by Jews from the Asian provinces.

            A.        We already know that these Jews hated Paul and were envious of the crowds that listened to Paul. These were the Jews that had chased Paul out of many towns.

            B.        It was known that Paul had Gentile friends, so they began telling people that Paul brought Gentiles into the Temple.

                        1.         They didn’t actually see this happen.

                        2.         They saw a Gentile with Paul in the city and just assumed he went with Paul into the temple.

            C.        They managed to stir up a riot.

                        1.         The mob dragged Paul out of the temple.

                        2.         The doors of the temple were shut, probably more to keep the mob out than anything else.

            D.        While they were trying to kill Paul, word reached the Roman authorities that a riot was taking place.

                        1.         The local commander and several men ran down to the temple area.

                        2.         The thugs beating on Paul stopped when they saw the “police” arrive.

                        3.         Interestingly, Paul was the one arrested.

                                    a.         The commander wanted to make sure Paul didn’t escape and ordered two chains on him.

                        4.         The commander then began to inquire what happened.

                                    a.         Not very good tactics

                                    b.         The crowd started shouting all sorts of things

                                    c.         The commander finally gave up and ordered Paul to the barracks.

                                    d.         Paul had to be carried because the mob continued to try to attack him and they were shouting “away with him!”

            E.        After returning to the barracks, the commander asked if Paul spoke Greek so they could communicate.

                        1.         He then wanted to know if he was the Egyptian that had stirred up a revolt several days ago.

                        2.         Paul said he was a Jew from the major city, Tarsus in Cilia.

                        3.         Paul asked permission to address the mob

                        4.         The commander gave him permission, probably hoping to find out what was going on.

            F.        Paul stood on the stairs and waved his hands for silence

                        1.         Once they quieted down, he spoke to the Jews in Hebrew.

II.        Paul’s Defense to the Jews


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