The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son

Text: John 4:44-54

I.         The reception of Jesus by the Samaritan was vastly different from the Jews of Judea

            A.        They checked his message and agreed that he was the Messiah - John 4:42

            B.        The Jews from Galilee also accepted Jesus.

                        1.         They had seen the miracles done in Jerusalem and they were willing to accept his teachings.

            C.        But the Jews were Jesus grew up did not accept Jesus

                        1.         Luke gives details - Luke 4:22-29

                        2.         They were angry that Jesus did more miracles in other places than he did at home.

                        3.         They were furious that Jesus pointed out that Gentiles were aided by God and not Jews.

II.        Jesus had returned to the town of Cana in Galilee

            A.        While there, the son of an official in Capernaum (about 20 miles away) had become ill.

            B.        The official heard that Jesus was in the area, after returning from Jerusalem

            C.        He went to Jesus asking him to go to Capernaum and heal his son.

            D.        Initially Jesus refused.

                        1.         He stated that these people refused to believe unless that saw a sign.

                                    a.         This is often a problem. People following solely for there own personal benefit.

                                    b.         We will see more of this in chapter 6.

                        2.         Yet, the official persisted, showing his faith in Jesus

                                    a.         Often Jesus tests the persistence of those who ask favors of him.

                                    b.         Persistence shows faith in those of whom you are asking help.

                                    c.         Other examples

                                                (1)       The Canaanite woman - Matthew 15:27

                                                (2)       The man asking for bread at night - Luke 11:8-10

                                                (3)       The woman before the wicked judge - Luke 18:4-5

            E.        Jesus gives him a test.

                        1.         He tells the man his son lives.

                                    a.         God often tests a person’s faith

                                    b.         I Kings 17:3 - asking for a widow’s last morsel during a famine

                                    c.         The same was done for the Canaanite woman - Mark 7:26-30

                        2.         The man accepts Jesus’ word and leaves for home without Jesus.

            F.        On the way, his slaves run to meet their master.

                        1.         The boy had recovered.

                        2.         On further inquiry, he learns it happened at the very time he was speaking with Jesus.

            G.        This convinced the official and his household that Jesus was the Messiah

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