Jesus’ Claim to Deity

Text: John 5:18-30

I.          The Jews were upset with Jesus for claiming equality with God

             A.         Jesus had said he was the son of God

             B.         Jesus is now explaining his relationship to God

II.         Jesus is not acting on his own

             A.         Jesus is imitating the actions of the Father

                          1.          The things Jesus is doing, such as the miracle he did on the Sabbath day, are done because God allows them to happen

                          2.          God allows them to happen to demonstrate his love for his Son - Hebrews 2:3-4

                          3.          The miracles seen so far are minor compared to what will be seen.

             B.         Jesus has been given authority by God to give eternal life to whom Jesus decides

                          1.          God has given Jesus the complete right to judge.

                                       a.          Colossians 1:16-17 - The world was made for and by Jesus

                                       b.          Psalm 50:6 - God is judge

                          2.          The purpose is to bring honor to Jesus as the Son of God

                                       a.          Shown at Jesus’ baptism - II Peter 1:16-17

                                       b.          Isaiah 42:8 - God would not give his glory to another, showing that this Jesus was God.

                          3.          Ignoring Jesus will bring dishonor to God because the honor of Jesus is the will of God.

                          4.          The basis of judgment is listening to Jesus and belief in God.

                                       a.          Stated before in John 3:16

                                       b.          Not faith alone. Requires repentance - Luke 13:4

                                       c.          Hearing and confessing - Romans 10:8-11

                                       d.          Requires obedience in baptism to access - Romans 6:4

                                       e.          The outcome is eternal life - Romans 6:22

III.        The coming judgment

             A.         The hour has arrived that the dead will listen to Jesus, and those who listen will live

                          1.          By saying now, Jesus is talking about the spiritually living and dead -Colossians 2:13

             B.         God is the source of life and the Father has given that life to Jesus

                          1.          God alone possess immortality - I Timothy 6:13-16

             C.         God has also given Jesus the right to judge because Jesus has lived among men.

                          1.          II Corinthians 5:10 - We must all appear before the judgment seat

             D.         A time will come when all who are dead will hear the voice of Jesus and arise.

                          1.          The good will rise to eternal life

                          2.          The evil will rise to judgment.

                          3.          Matthew 25:31-46

             E.         The judgment will not be based on Jesus’ whims

                          1.          Jesus will judge on what he hears

                          2.          It will be just because Jesus is seeking to be obedient to the will of God.

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