The Second Testimony of John

Reading: John 3:22-36


I.         Jesus and his disciples leave Jerusalem and travel once again in the Judea area near the Jordan river.

            A.        Jesus was here before when he was baptized.

            B.        Many people fail to notice what Jesus and his disciples were doing. Even though the new Law of Christ had not come into effect yet, Jesus and his disciples were baptizing people.

            C.        John was continuing his work near Salim.

                        1.         The site was selected because there was plenty of water, or deep water.

                        2.         Why? Baptism means immersion and there is a need for plenty of water to baptize a person.

II.        John’s disciples had a discussion with a Jew which they were unable to resolve.

            A.        They came to John to ask why the man he bore witness to earlier was baptizing people.

                        1.         They referred to Jesus and the testimony of John was that he was the Messiah.

                        2.         In a sense their question was born of a slight jealousy because they note that all are coming to him.

                                    a.         Since John was first, they saw him as the greater.

            B.        John pointed out that cleansing and repentance could only come if came from God.

            C.        They already acknowledge that John gave witness to Jesus as the Christ. John had also said that Jesus would be the greater - John 1:26-27

                        1.         His disciples understood that John was not the Christ, but that he was sent to prepare the way.

                        2.         John uses the illustration of a wedding.

                                    a.         Who gets all the honor? Who is the center of all the attention? Why of course, it is the bride and groom.

                                    b.         But what about the people whose hard work made the wedding possible? Their joy is for the couple. That is why they worked so hard.

                        3.         John is not jealous of Jesus and his followers. This the very thing he was preparing for Jesus.

            D.        Jesus would become more popular as John fades out of the picture.

            E.        Jesus was from heaven and therefore is greater than John

III.       John then talks of Jesus’ ministry

            A.        Since Jesus is from heaven, he is speaking of things for which he has first hand knowledge.

                        1.         Yet people will not believe him

                        2.         A person who does believe Jesus is giving his “stamp of approval” that God’s witness (the miracles) are true.

            B.        Jesus speaks the words of God and the power he has is unlimited.

            C.        God has given everything to Jesus. Jesus has the authority.

            D.        If a person believes in Jesus, he will have eternal life, but a person who does not obey will have God’s wrath

                        1.         Notice that belief is equated to obedience.

                        2.         You cannot have one without the other. - James 2:17-18

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