Text: Ezekiel 24


I.         We now begin the fourth set of prophecies (Ezekiel 1:2; 8:1; 20:1)

            A.        It is now the ninth year, tenth month, and tenth day of the month

                        1.         2 years and 5 months since the beginning of the last set.

                        2.         4 years and 5 months since the prophecies started

                        3.         June 22, 589 B.C.

            B.        Remember that Ezekiel is about 300 miles from Jerusalem, yet he is able to record that on this day the siege of Jerusalem began.

                        1.         Notice how history lines up with the prophecy - II Kings 25:1; Jeremiah 52:4

II.        The Parable of the Boiling Pot - Ezekiel 24:3-14

            A.        It is a parable to a rebellious house (Israel)

            B.        Again Ezekiel prophecies by a demonstration, this time with a pot of boiling water

                        1.         It is to be stocked with meat and bones

                        2.         This is the same image used in Jeremiah 1:13

                        3.         Putting it on the fire represents the beginning of the siege

                        4.         The meat and bones are the people, and the iron pot are the city’s defenses - Ezekiel 11:3; Micah 3:2-3

                        5.         Notice that the bones are placed under the pot. The bones are the poorest of the people; the ones who suffer first

            C.        The Lord declares it to be scummy.

                        1.         It’s sins remain

                        2.         Pieces are to be removed at random. No consideration is given for goodness or position. - Joel 3:3; Nahum 3:10

                        3.         Her punishment is left in open

                                    a.         Parallel made to hunting law - Leviticus 17:13; Isaiah 26:21

                                    b.         On a rock, it cannot be absorbed and thus hidden - I Corinthian 4:5

            D.        The funeral pyre will be large (noticeable)

                        1.         A bloody city - Nahum 3:1; Habakkuk 2:12

                        2.         Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire

                        3.         Now Jerusalem - Isaiah 30:33; 31:9

                        4.         Eventually it will be a very large fire - II Peter 3:7-12

            E.        The meat was to be cooked well; appetizing to those who would consume the city - Lamentations 2:16

            F.        The meat was to be burnt, destroyed

            G.        The empty pot is put back on the fire - Jeremiah 32:29; 37:10; 39:8

                        1.         The Lord is going to burn the scum (sin) right out of the pot - Isaiah 1:25; 4:4; Malachi 4:1

                        2.         As He will the world - Matthew 3:12; I Corinthians 3:12-13

            H.        The scum has remained a long time - Isaiah 47:13; Jeremiah 9:5

                        1.         God has tried to cleanse them, but the filth remained - II Chronicles 36:14-16; Jeremiah 6:26-30; 25:3-7

                        2.         His only choice was to use fire - Amos 4:6-12; Zephaniah 3:2

                        3.         Warning to Christians - II Corinthians 7:1; Luke 13:6-9

            I.         God will punish in accordance to their deeds - Isaiah 55:11

                        1.         No pity - Jeremiah 13:14

                        2.         It is what they deserve - Isaiah 3:11; Jeremiah 4:18

                        3.         For Christians it is no different - Matthew 16:27; Romans 2:5-6

III.       The Death of Ezekiel’s Wife - Ezekiel 24:15-27

            A.        Once again Ezekiel is asked to become a living demonstration for a prophecy

                        1.         Who he loved, his wife, was to be taken suddenly from him

                                    a.         It gives a glimpse of his personal life. The description of his wife is touching

                                    b.         But it also emphasizes Ezekiel dedication to God that he was able to do as God asked.

                        2.         He was not allowed to mourn, weep, or even cry in any fashion

                                    a.         Jeremiah was told a similar thing - Jeremiah 16:3-7

                                    b.         As a priest, there were already limits on what he might to - Leviticus 21:1, 10

                                    c.         Uncovering head - Leviticus 10:6

                                    d.         Barefoot as a sign of mourning - II Samuel 15:30

                                    e.         Covering mouth - Leviticus 13:45, Micah 3:7

                                    f.         Mourners’ Bread - Hosea 9:4; Jeremiah 16:7

                        3.         The next day, Ezekiel went about his duties and that night his wife died.

                                    a.         He did as commanded

                                    b.         Times to put off feelings - I Corinthians 7:29-30

            B.        The people have come to understand. They directly ask Ezekiel for the meaning of the sign since he is behaving oddly.

            C.        The meaning

                        1.         The desire of Israel’s eye was the Temple, which God was going to take away - Psalm 27:4; Jeremiah 7:4,14; Psalm 74:7; 79:1

                                    a.         If that wasn’t enough, the family they had left behind were to die - Jeremiah 6:11; 9:21

                                    b.         Deuteronomy 28:32

                        2.         The shock will be so great that they will act as Ezekiel - Psalm 78:64; Amos 6:9-10

                                    a.         Their quiet sorrow with consume them - Leviticus 26:39

                                    b.         They realize they have no right to complain - Lamentations 3:39

                                    c.         A prophecy in itself of the death of Christ - Zechariah 12:10-14

                        3.         Ezekiel’s behavior at his wife’s death illustrates how they will behave at Israel’s death

                        4.         Because it was stated in advance, they will know it was from God

            D.        Two days are addressed in verses 25-27

                        1.         The day - The day Jerusalem falls

                        2.         That day - The day when word of the fall reaches Babylon

                        3.         Ezekiel would not be allowed to speak until the second event.

                                    a.         Happens in Ezekiel 33:21-22

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