Till He Comes

by Terry W. Benton

In taking the Lord's Supper each week (Acts 20:7) we "proclaim the Lord's death till He comes" (I Corinthians 11:26). We proclaim that we are in communion and partnership with the benefits of His death. It is one of the ways we confess Him. Christians coming together on the first day of the week is a "proclamation" that we stand together in telling the truth about why He died, and as proof that it was because of our sins and His ability to pardon our sins, He was raised from the dead, showing that He has power over death itself. We will keep proclaiming the truth about Jesus' death "till he comes." He will come again, just as surely as He came the first time. The Lord's Supper has been observed each Sunday from Pentecost to now as weekly reminders and memorial to the fact that He came the first time and changed the course of human history. When He comes again there will be no more need to take the Lord's Supper, as we will be taken to heaven to live in His presence forever.

A side note is that brethren who teach that His only coming happened in AD 70 are very deceived. If He came in person, He would have taken His people back to heaven (I Thessalonians 4:13-17), and there would be no need to take the Lord's Supper each week. There would be no need to "proclaim the Lord's death" because sin would have ceased to exist, and mortals would have been changed to immortals where sin does not invade us and put us in need of forgiveness in the blood of Christ. (I Corinthians 15:22). No, we still need the benefits of Jesus' death on the cross, and we will need it "till He comes." At that point the devil and his angels and those who served sin will be cast into the everlasting fire (Matthew 25:41-46). The saints will be taken to glory, a place that is undefiled (I Peter 1:3-4). Until that takes place, we will continue to "proclaim His death till He comes."

Are you proclaiming the Lord's death in the Lord's Supper each week?