Hello, I just happened upon your web site while researching the terms regarding "porneia" in regards to divorce.

However I happened to click on the home button of your web site and read your introduction statement and my heart is lifted.

God bless you all!

It makes my belly hurt to see the ridiculous organizations that pass as a "church" these days. I am pleased to see that there are still people who seek wisdom and understand the humble nature of true Christianity.I have not attended any church in many years because I have seen the emptiness and degredation that resides in these false churches and plastic Christians.

I am pleased to see that somewhere out there people are still gathering together to share understanding and to serve the word.

I just wanted to say hello and share my appreciation. Thank you.


I'm glad you are finding the site useful. There are churches like the one in La Vista all around the world. One place to look to find a group is with Seeking a Church.